Thank you for your interest in volunteering and supporting FACE For Children in Need and its projects in Egypt.

FACE for Children in Need is interested in recruiting volunteers for specific types of missions and always tries to provide mutually beneficial experiences to its volunteers who represent a vital resource to the organisation.

One of FACE’s main objectives consists in building the capacity of its local teams and to rely on local human resources.

FACE is a child protection organisation and is thus bound to specific internal regulations and principles aiming to guarantee safety and wellbeing to all children and youth within FACE programs.

For these reasons, we would like you to consider the following points before contacting us:

Volunteering in Belgium/UK:

The commitment of volunteers is vital to our organisation, they are truly integrated in the association's life and structure. If you wish to put your competence at the service of our cause and if you willing to commit yourself on a long term basis on our sides in Belgium, please contact us.

Punctual involvement in Belgium:

  • Drafting/editing of articles, production of photographs and/or films;
  • Graphic design;
  • Developing FACE's resources: search for new sponsors and partners;
  • Giving advice in your field of competence (if applicable);
  • Presence and support during events or creation of new events.

FACE Belgium currently seeks active volunteers who can be involved on a more regular basis in the following fields:

  • Contacts and press follow-up;
  • Follow-up and coordination of special events;
  • Persons experienced in fundraising activities (contact companies, foundations, NGOs and drawing up files in French and English) with previous experience in this field;
  • Person able to help with film editing.

All your ideas are also most welcome; if you are interested to support or contribute to our work in Belgium, please contact us: 

Volunteering in Egypt:

  • All candidates interested in volunteering with FACE in Egypt will be required to provide: a full CV, 2 professional references, and in most cases, a police record from their country of residence.
  • Volunteers will be recruited to work exclusively with staff (not with the children directly) to provide specialised training, to initiate specific projects, or to conduct specific assignments such as research, reports, communication, fundraising, administrative tasks.
  • All approved candidates will be required to sign and follow FACE child protection policy during their mission.
  • Volunteers are expected to share new skills or set up new projects with FACE teams, they are thus usually expected to be able to stay for a minimum length of 3-4 months. Shorter periods can be considered for specific punctual projects.
  • All approved volunteers will go through an orientation visit of FACE programs before starting their work.
  • Volunteer's work will be monitored by local projects managers.
  • All reports, research, or any type of production by volunteers will remain the sole property of FACE.


Volunteering Conditions:

Volunteers working with FACE in Egypt will be required to cover the cost of their expenses in Egypt (flight ticket, insurance, living and transportation costs). FACE contribution is decided on a case-by-case basis, also depending on resources available to the organisation.

To contact us: