FACE work with children and youth living without parental care in Cairo, Egypt.

  • Orphans;
  • Children who have been abandoned by their parents;
  • Children victims of abuse / in need of protection;
  • Street children;
  • Children in detention;
  • Children victims of neglect;
  • Children out of school;
  • Migrant, refugees children;
  • Children at risk and in need of protection.

Each child supported by FACE has a different story, and different needs and wishes.

FACE also work with children families and communities in order to support them to take care of their children.

Situation of children in Egypt:

  • According to UNICEF statistics in 2008–2009, around five million children are deprived of appropriate housing, including shelter, water and sanitation standards; and 1.6 million under five experienced health and food deprivation. 
  • The average girl stays in school only until 13 years of age.
  • UNICEF estimates the number of 56,000 orphans in Egypt (2007).
  • Estimations of the number of street children vary between tens and hundreds thousands in Greater Cairo.
  • Important (but unknown) number of children live in the 450 officially registered institutions and orphanages.